Manuscript Consultation

Would you like detailed feedback tailored to your individual strengths and the peculiar challenges in writing historical fiction? My consultation process works as follows:

1) You submit a one-page synopsis of your story and the first fifty pages of your manuscript. After I review this initial submission, I’ll provide a first-impression assessment of your story, its overall structure, and your writing.

The fee for this preliminary assessment is $250, payable in advance.

2) If you wish to continue the consultation, and if I think I can offer effective guidance for your book, I’ll provide an estimate for our going forward. I’ll also be available to answer your questions and elaborate on my comments and analysis by email or telephone, whichever you prefer.

Manuscripts can be submitted in hard copy via regular mail, or as an MS Word attachment via e-mail. If you want my consultation returned with your manuscript by hard copy, you’ll need to send an SASE.

To arrange a consultation, contact me at