Chaucer Awards Committee Names Glen Craney a Double Finalist for Best 2015 Historical Fiction

The Spider and the Stone and The Yanks Are Starving were honored this week as finalists for the prestigious Chaucer Awards in historical fiction.ChaucerAwardTwitter

The announcement was made by Chanticleer International, which sponsors the awards to recognize outstanding works and new talent in the genre. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced at the April 30th, 2016 Annual Awards Gala in Bellingham, Washington.

Both books have been previously honored as Foreword Reviews Finalists for Book-of-the-Year and as IndieBRAG Medallion recipients.

The Yanks Are Starving unfolds the little-known but true story of the thousands of jobless World War One veterans who marched on Washington, D.C. during the Great Depression. The Spider and the Stone is the 14th-century story of the Black Douglas during the Scottish Wars of Independence against England.

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