The Review Group Praises The Yanks Are Starving as “Masterful” and “Courageous”

The prestigious Review Group, based in the United Kingdom, calls The Yanks Are Starving “essential reading for those who found truth and beauty co-existent in the works of John Steinbeck and John Dos Passos.”

The historical novel, which unfolds the little-known but true story of the thousands of jobless World War One veterans who marched on Washington, D.C. during the Great Depression, has been honored as a Foreword Reviews Book-of-the-Year Finalist.

“It is difficult to approach a review of author Glen Craney’s masterwork The Yanks are Starving without shedding a tear or making a political statement.  It is a courageous book,” wrote reviewer Linda Root, an accomplished historical novelist.


Root added that “Craney combines the visual imagery of a screenwriter and the objectivity of a journalist with the passions of a writer – a mix of oil and water that Craney somehow pulls off.  The history is so meticulously portrayed and so painfully presented it is hard to remember this is a novel.  The events in this book are true. Many of its characters are genuine. Bringing their story to light is a bold endeavor.”

A member of the Review Group staff, Root is the author of six historical novels set in the late 16th and early seventeenth century. She also writes historical fantasy under the name J.D. Root.

“Reviewing this book has been an honour,” Root concluded.

The complete review can be found here.

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