The Yanks Are Starving Rockets to the B&N Nook, Kobo, and Amazon Kindle Bestseller Lists

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After garnering award recognition from Foreword Reviews and indieBRAG Medallion, Glen Craney’s historical novel about the Bonus March during the Great Depression has shot to the Barnes and Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle Bestseller Lists. On June 3, the novel claimed the top spot on B&N Nook for books on general history and United States history. It also nabbed #1 in Kindle books about military regiments, war veterans, and political fiction, as well as #2 in War & Adventure novels. Kobo readers shot it to #4 on historical fiction.

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In 1932, a rail-riding hobo led thousands of World War One veterans into Washington, D.C. to demand jobs and service payment. The sweeping novel unfolds the shocking but little-known intrigue and government betrayal that ignited the only violent clash between two American armies under the same flag.

The Historical Novel Society praised the novel as “[a] wonderful source of historical fact wrapped in a compelling novel.” The Military Writers Society of America said that Craney “has drawn a vivid picture of not only men being deprived of their veterans’ rights, but of their human rights as well. … The Veterans Bonus March was a momentous event in American history and Craney performs a valuable service by chronicling it in this admirable book.”

Several veterans have also applauded the book.

“Craney has written an outstanding social and military historical novel of the United States covering the crossing over from the nineteenth century mentality into the twentieth century,” wrote Joseph Spuckler, an Author Alliance reviewer and former U.S. Marine. “Simply put, an outstanding novel.”

Marine veteran Nathan Mercer, who reviews for Movies and Manuscripts magazine, called Yanks “one of the best and most memorable books I have ever read.”

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