Military Writers Society of America Reviewer Praises The Yanks Are Starving as “Vivid” and “Admirable.”

Award-winning author and military veteran Donald Farinacci calls The Yanks Are Starving “vivid” and an “admirable book.”

Reviewing Glen Craney’s historical novel about the Bonus Army for the Military Writers Society of America, Mr. Farinacci wrote:

“Author Glen Craney has chosen the medium of the historical novel to capture the sense of the times, the era of the great Depression. In so doing he has drawn a vivid picture of not only men being deprived of their veterans’ rights, but of their human rights as well. . . . The Veterans Bonus March was a momentous event in American history and Craney performs a valuable service by chronicling it in this admirable book.”

The full MWSA review can be found here

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