Michele Bachmann? Blame Historical Fiction

It must be the current alignment of the planets.

In a previous post, I noted that a French historical novel written over fifty years ago is still influencing American military policy.

Now comes the news that one of Congress’s most controversial members underwent a political conversion in college after taking umbrage at how several of America’s early icons were portrayed in a work of historical fiction.

Gail Collins reveals in her New York Times op-ed column on Jan. 28 that GOP Rep. Michelle Bachmann of Minnesota was a Democrat until she read Gore Vidal’s Burr during her senior year at Winona State University.

Rep. Bachmann, the founder of the House Tea Party Caucus, apparently doesn’t care for nuanced or iconoclastic interpretations of American history.

Mr. Vidal, who predicted in 2009 that the United States was careening toward a dictatorship, must be curling one of his rueful and prophetic smiles.

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  • All of our founding fathers could use a little mocking. Well, the Canadian and US ones, anyway. Those British Isle and European ones from, what, 1500 years ago? were far too terrifying to result in very much humor.
    On another subject with no connection to founding fathers, the US right to bear arms has nothing to do with modern engineering and design and the capabilities of today’s firearms.
    Nor does it have anything to do with the attitude (or perhaps stupidity) that compells individuals to spend their hard earned money on fully automatic firearms.

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